The SkySweep rugged Radio controllers are able to offer high speed advanced data radio applications in conjunction with customer's existing analog/digital HF/VHF/UHF radio equipment.

The system can be used for communication with base stations or in direct point-to-multipoint communication between mobile stations.
All needed services are integrated in one system.

There are several built-in secure applications such as IP data, instant messaging, E-mail, flexible data, secure digital voice and GPS based tracking.

No need for an extra expensive computer unit for applications. The radio controller is based on a revolutionary system design with integrated Windows (tm) based computer unit.


The SkySweep Radio Controllers can be used in conjunction with customer's existing radios offering high speed and secure data services to them. 


More information:

SkySweep HF/VHF/UHF Radio Controllers Data Sheet (pdf)

SkySweep Data Radio Applications (pdf)

SkySweep Services (pdf)  

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