The SkySweep IP Data Radio (SkyIPR) allows users to enjoy uninterrupted access to simultaneous IP data services from their vehicles or mobile devices, and many more of such solutions. In previous data solutions relying on TETRA or other PMR (professional mobile radio) networks, the need for voice and data services to alternate limited any operational setup that depended on constant access to both voice and data. The SkySweep system solution makes sense to equip vehicles with the SkySweep IP Data Radio (SkyIPR) alongside existing TETRA, P25, DMR or analog systems. This provides parallel, always on connections for voice over existing PMR networks and for data over the state-of-the-art SkySweep IP Data Radios. The system can be based on the infrastructure or direct communication between terminals.


Typical infrastructure based system example :

Typical direct system example :


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